FAYOLA WEKKER: January 9th 1986 The Hague, Holland.
Worked as a dancer for 12 years and in the meantime ran her own dancer’s agency for which she created, customized and styled her dancer’s outfits to perfectly match themed parties. To professionalize her fashion sense even more, she signed up for the Class of Style All-round course in 2015 where her background, passion and hard work made her excel and built up a solid portfolio in an unusual short period of time.

This is what others say about Fayola:

SONYA BLOEMHARD (Colorist, Make-Up artist, Stylist)
“Fayola is a craftswoman; great feeling for fashion, professional and very social on the set!”

HANS BEERS (Hair Stylist)
“Fayola absorbs a styling concept and knows how to effectively enhance it for shoots.”

Share your concept with Fayola and she instantly conjures a vision in her head. She makes sure she brings enough styling options and discusses them with everyone on set, which greatly benefits the collaboration that ensures great results.”

NADJA GESKUS (Photographer)
“Fayola brings enthusiasm and a positive atmosphere on the set. Her great eye for detail ensures a better end result than you can imagine.”

“Being there from the beginning, I witnessed Fayola rocket. She’s naturally gifted, vibrant mixed with professionalism. Overall just a good asset to have on the set. Definitely worth booking!”

JULIETTE den OUDEN (Hair and Make-Up Artist)
"I regularly work with Fayola because of how good she is. She communicates quick and proper. She is well organized, and knows how to improvise when it’s necessary."

KEES PENDERS (Photographer)
“Fayola delivers a flawless translation of your concept and a worry free preparation and execution during the shoot. She has a sharp, professional, attentive eye on the set. A sparkling personality that is fun to work with.”


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